Mustafa Ali Yanık

Nasal Tip Surgery

The most important part of the nose, which is the most striking part of our face, is its tip. The nasal tip is the top  junction of two cartilages, which are shaped in ‘’n’’ letters, making the nasal wings, and it is very important for nasal aesthetics. Its height, width and angles are very important. It has various types and has characteristic features among races.

At the root of the nose, the nose skin is its thinner level and it becomes thicker as it reaches the tip of the nose and the number and density of the sebaceous glands becomes higher. So the thickest skin in the nose is at its tip.

Nose tip surgery is just the correction of the cartilage at the tip of the nose. By this surgery, the nose flaps could be straitened and  droopy, long, thick, narrow, large or high nose tips could be reshaped. Moreover, the angle of the nose with the lip can be changed by this operation.

It is an operation that can be performed under local anesthesia and lasts about one hour without causing breathing problems.

The nose tip aesthetic is of course possible on its own, but a good planning must be done before the operation so that the rest of the nose can adapt to the result. Not every patient may could be an appropriate candidate for this operation, so the patient should discuss with the doctor in detail. For example, for a person with an nasal hump, the nose tip aesthetics may not always be right option. Usually the right candidates for this operation are patients whose other aesthetic units of the nose are unproblematic. Respiratory problems do not prevent nose tip aesthetics. Both problems can be easily treated in the same operation. A patient who decided to have a nasal tip aesthetic should also be informed about the operation of normal nose surgery. The patient who wants to have an aesthetic nose surgery should  apply to a plastic surgeon firstly. In nose aesthetic operations, the nose's proportions and angles with face should be examined in detail, and planning should be done with the patient by considering patient's expectations. It is very important whether the patient has an accident, trauma or operation, and whether they have genetic problems. Therefore, as long as the patient tells his / her expectations and the current problems, to the doctor who performs surgery the result will be as much as he wants. It should not be forgotten that, the result should not be  a standard-looking nose but a nose that is suitable for the face of the patient and which is natural-looking, have no problems.