Mustafa Ali Yanık


The method which is used In order to eliminate the problems that cause tired expression such as bagging and sagging in the caps, giving the person a younger and more vivid appearance, the procedure of removing excess fat and the fat mass forming the bags in the lower and upper eyelids is called as Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery

In our young patients, it is generally enough to remove the fat tissue under the valve, and in older patients, the loss of skin tone may require the removal of excess skin. Again in some people, the drop of eyebrows and temples may affect negatively  the outcome of eyelid surgery. In these cases, we recommend to perform operations such as temptation, eyebrow lifting. After the examination of the patient, the condition of the skin, age and some other factors determine the variables that will affect the surgical decision.

These operations can usually be done by adding local anesthesia and sedation if necessary. It usually takes about 1 hour depending on the size of the surgery.

Minor complications occur rarely after eyelid aesthetics:

* There may be a diplopia or vision complaint for a few days after the operation. It is a temporary condition.

** Some patients may have difficulty in closing their eyes during sleep for several days. This condition improves with the regression of the swelling.

*** There may be complications such as swelling of the eyelid corners and slight asymmetries during the healing phase, which usually do not disturb the patient very much.

**** After the effect of anesthesia, there may be a slight pain and a slight streching in the eyelid, a feeling of tingling. This may be caused by pain relieving medication, artificial tears or ointments may be recommended for the eyes to dry.

***** May be swelling and bruises. For a few days, he must lie on his head and make a cold compress for the purpose of regression. Most of the swelling of the valve passes over the following 10 days.

****** Over the first few weeks, the patient may experience excessive tear egestion and sensitivity to light.

After 2-3 weeks from the eyelid aesthetics, the patient has a younger, dynamic and rested look.