Mustafa Ali Yanık

Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics

What Is Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics?
We can say that our nose is the most important factor in our face in aesthetic sense. This organ, located right in the middle of the face, has the power to change the expression in mimic and gaze by millimeter changes. The height of the nasal root can give a soft, hard, innocent or ‘’’quick witted’’ look. The angle of the nasal base affects the charm and beauty of the lips in addition to the nose.

Problems in important functions such as breathing, filtering and humidification of inhaled air are usually corrected by surgery. It would be wrong to say that the only solution for the problems in aesthetic appearance is surgery.

How ?
It is not always necessary to perform a reduction operation for a beautiful nose; there is also a need for enlargment in some areas of the nose. At this point, nasal aesthetic is possible with permanent fiiling material, without undergoing a surgery.

How Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Was Emerged?

Patients who have had a unsuccesful rhinoplasty history, often knock our door. In these patients, one or more failed operations could result in problems such as nasal irregularities and slump in nasal back. In this case, we usually choose the way to remove tissue loss from the ear or ribs.

About 8 years ago, instead of this difficult application that created the surgey scar, I chose a new generation of a filler. The process was more economic, effortless, and of course gives the extremely successful result, and then I performed this application in a few patients. Again, the beautiful and permanent results I received led me to do this practice in normal noses, which had never been operated before, and it was the emergence of  non-surgical rhinoplasty.

What is the Material Used in Non-Surgical Nasal Aesthetics?

Polyacrylamid Hydrogel is used in non-surgical rhinoplasty. This substance can hold up to 100 times its own weight and the molecular structure of the filler is 97 percent water and 3 percent active substance. Because the molecule that is formed is larger than all the cells in the body, it does not go to another part of the body and cannot be melted enzymatically. In this way, it has a permanent feature.

We can say that it is the most perfect permanent filler because it is not toxic, not carcinogenic and not allergic. (At the same time, we can say that it is the only permanent filler that can be applied safely to the lips, because it does not react and is therefore the only one that can remain soft.)

Is this a New Discovery ?

FDA approval for the use of Polyacrylamide Hydrogel as a filler in nasal collapses and traumatic nose deformities already exists. The approach to aesthetics can be done with this material.

Are There Risks?

As  I said above, this substances is not toxic, not carcinogenic and not allergic, it is highly reliable. The only risk is the risk of infection. Although the substance is applied with attention  to disinfection and sterilization conditions, there is a possibility of infection, even if it is 1 percent due to personal factors. The risk of infection is understood in the first 10 days, and is usually treated with antibiotic therapy. The type of infection that can heal by removal of the prosthesis may rarely occur. I can even say that; the risk of infection is lower than silicone prosthesis placed in the breast.