Mustafa Ali Yanık

Lip Augmentation

Who doesn't want to have a buxom and alive lips, which is one of the most prominent factors beauty, youth, attractiveness and of course femininity? The lips are very important in the aesthetic appearance of the face. Moreover, if they look alive and buxom, they also strengthen the expression of youth and health. How buxom  and thick-looking lips expression of youth and femininity, loosened and thin lips also appear as an expression of old age in the community.

Lip augmentations are preferred by people who have a thin -or becomes thinner by time- ips, and want to emphasize the expression of youthfulness and beauty on their face with buxom lips, or who want to have alive and more buxom lips.

Of course, the buxom, large, wide, thick or thin apperance of your lips, must be proportionate to the other elements of the face, such as the chin, nose, teeth and cheeks, in order to complete your beauty.

The only complaint about the lips is not  that they are not thin and wrinkles. Thinning surgeries are also requested on thicker than normal lips.

Another issue is the demands of patients who have amputted lips due to lip cance. This type of repair operations, have great importance in the terms of  function for the patient as well as aesthetic reasons.