Mustafa Ali Yanık

Neck Lift

Neck lift, is the correction of deformities such as sagging, thickening, displacement and, of course, wrinkling, which occur in the our neck and gradually increase over the years.

People need to eesthetic neck lifting operations, are wanted by people because of the rising problem of double chin. We can perform these operations together with face lifting as well.

In general, local anesthesia or sedatiives may be preferred depending on which technique is used. On average, the operation lasts about 1.5-2 hours.

If  an operation performed under the chin after the neck lift, bondages are appealed to chin and they remain for 1 week.

In parallel with the development of plastic surgery, the complication rates of these types of surgeries have been significantly reduced. Postoperatively, neck pain, tension sensation, edema (swelling), drowsiness and bruising on the skin surface are likely to be seen and should be considered normal. These are not permanent problems and will disappear without a trace.

* The pain which could be felt can  be easily controlled by  pain medications. The paint is not very severe in general.

** Swelling (edema) decreases rapidly within the first 7-10 days, the remaining mild swelling disappears and the skin heals about 6 months. But this mild swelling is not apparent. Swelling and bruises can be change places (depending on gravity) according to which side you lie on the bed and may therefore be asymmetrical. Rarely, there may be asymmetries that recover in a long time or require additional surgical retouching.

*** Stretching feeling in the skin surface and apathy are also healin the first weeks of swelling. Contiunity in apathy is rarely encountered.

**** Heaing of bruisings may vary according to patient sensitivity. This period may sometimes last up to 15 days for sensitive patients. An important point is that, the patients should avoid from  the sun exposure, until bruises are completely healed. Otherwise; permanent sunspots may occur.

***** There may be stretching and tenderness during facial expressions and neck movements in the early period.

****** Subcutaneous blood and fluid accumulation is another rare complication.

******* Loss of sensivity and tingling in the neck after the operation is a  problem that can be seen and after a short time they heal.

******** Apparent surgery scars is a problem which occurs scarcely any.

In general, we can say that you can heal in 2-3 days after the surgery so that you will  able to trave by planel. After a seamless operation, you can return to your daily life after 3-4 days,  you can come back yor job after 7-10 days.

After the neck stretching operation, you can easily see that the improvement in your neck area and the disappearing of the unity between your chin and neck when you get rid of the edema and bruises..