Mustafa Ali Yanık

Non-Surgical Face Lift

As people get older, the content and amount of collagen in tissues change. These changes show itself as loss of volume in the face. When this situation comes together with gravity, the appearance of old age occurs. Your skin reflects all the changes in aging under the skin like a fabric. And the elastic property of the skin decreases, then disappears and cannot tolerate volume changes as before. When all this is added to the deep wrinkles caused by our facial expressions, the sad and / or angry expression is added to the tired expression.

We can solve all these problems by a face lift operation. The surgery is performed in a hospital with appropriate equipment, with general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The duration is approximately 1.5-2 hours. After the operation, you should stay in hospital for 1 night.

After this operation, the face is wrapped with a lightly printed bandage for 2-3 days.

Pain, edema (swelling), tension, drowsiness and bruising on the skin surface can be seen, they are normal, they are in  the nature of the surgery.

There will be no sever pain and normal pain could be easily controlled by pain killers.

Swelling (edema) rapidly decreases within the first 7-10 days, the skin tension and lethargy feeling also heal day by day.. Permanent lethargy is not a common complaint, but if there was remaining noticeable size edema, it  is also lost and then the skin to sit exactly on the average of six months.

The loss of bruising depends on the sensitivity of the person. Sometimes it can take up to 10 days for people who have a sensitive body.The bruising is less in endoscopic facelift. After the operation, you may have complaints about swelling and bruising of your face. This is very normal, as the swelling and bruises decrease over time, that is to say, your actual facial features will begin to appear  7-10 days later in average.

As you grow older, your cheeks are affected by your age  and this effect is noticeable as the sagging increases. The facelift operation provides an image that eliminates the wearing effect of years if it is done by the right choice of technique.

Time marches on for everyone. It is not possible for us to stop that. It should be noted that the facelift does not stop the aging of the person. Aging will continue after the surgery despite everything. Face lift operation at this point makes people appear younger than his / her age, and you will notice a striking rejuvenation when your face get its normal appearance in the processes stated after the surgery.